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Welcome to MarshMellop. I provide high quality web graphics, concept art, branding packages and a whole lot more.


branding packages


editorial and Brochure Design


point Of Sale and Retail Design

pop up stalls



stationery packages



business card

compliment slips



bespoke graphics (talk to me)


concept art/ visual cue material


environment concept art


character based

texture/Stock Photos

product Photography



I grew up in a small-ish house with all my family. When my siblings were old enough, they moved out with children of their own, and I went with my parents to a new house. In all of my settings and environments, Art has been at my core. Whether doodling, scribbling, colouring in, copying, tracing or sculpting, I was always busy with my hands. I've never actually gotten the hang of truly being a real artist though. Now, it's pretty much the same story, except I am creating, concepting, designing, painting, collaging, manipulating, and evolving. The words might sound more grown up but the process is still the same.



I believe strong design should be effective in it's simplicity. There is too much clutter in our modern world, and if we absolutely have to add something more to it, at least make it unique, clean, simple and non-derivitive. I love the use of geometric shapes and employ a certain mathematics to my more intricate design work. Otherwise, I like to cut loose and allow colours, silhouettes and shapes speak the language of design.









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